Being a woman is not a monolithic or all encompassing experience - you can be wife, mom, etc., without losing the essence of YOU.

I want women to embrace their individuality, to rejoice in their freedom, to love themselves fully and without apology. Women deserve to feel liberated in their pursuit of their authentic selves all while looking and feeling good.


This is not only my daily affirmation but also a statement of fact. With everything I’ve been through and still go through - the good and the bad - God has been my constant. To honor His consistency, I take every opportunity to express my gratitude and to acknowledge what I know to be true - "GOD IS THE GREATEST."

For years, I’ve wanted to put this on a t-shirt and I didn’t. I’ve put it off for far too long. It’s finally time. I’ve stopped playing. The first release from the KoMo Kollection, our limited edition "GOD IS THE GREATEST" sweatshirt, is here.